Since 1983, InformAbility, has been helping small and medium-sized businesses in the Chicago area address their most bothersome IT challenges. Which of these are your daily hurdles?

  • You want your computers to work properly…so you can focus on your job.
  • You want to reduce the amount of unsolicited email (a.k.a. SPAM) you receive.
  • You want assurance that your computer network and confidential data are protected from viruses and computer hackers.
  • You want to prevent as many computer and network crashes as possible.
  • You want to minimize the number of hours your computers and network are down – especially during prime working hours.
  • You want to ensure that all of your computers are armed with the latest security and software patches.
  • You want a reliable, knowledgeable IT team to rely on…so you can spend your time working on things you enjoy more or to serve as a backup when your in-house IT staff are on vacation, sick, or overloaded with work.
  • You want to ensure that you’re using the right hardware and software for your needs…but you don’t know when investing in upgraded equipment and programs is a smart investment…and when it’s a waste of cash.
  • You want to use technology to increase your productivity and efficiency – for example, by using the Internet to connect remote offices or to distribute faxes – but you need expert guidance to pick and install this technology.

5 Reasons to choose InformAbility for your IT support needs

  • We’re responsive. When you’re having computer problems, the last thing you want to do is wait for answers. That’s why customer service is our top priority. If you get our voice mail during normal business hours, we promise that you’ll get a call back within two hours…usually much sooner.
  • We’re flexible. You may not want us doing on-site computer maintenance or working on your network during business hours. Or perhaps you need to ensure that one of our IT specialists is available to your staff around the clock. Either way, we’re happy to make special arrangements to work around your schedule and needs.
  • We’re tops at what we do. IT is changing at a blistering pace … and we work hard to ensure our technicians are on top of the latest developments. Members of our team are certified in Microsoft and Red Hat Linux technologies. InformAbility is also a SalesLogix Certified Business Partner, Quickbooks Certified Professional Advisor, and Peachtree Account Care Specialist.
  • We answer our own phones. If you’ve resigned yourself to spending hours on hold when waiting for IT help…and then being treated like a number when a surly customer representative does finally take your call, prepare yourself. Because at InformAbility, we take care of our customers. You’ll be able to reach your assigned IT specialist directly via telephone and email. If we’re not available when you call, you can leave us a voice mail and then go about your day rather than waiting in queue. And you’ll always be greeted with a smile, kind word…and maybe even a joke.
  • We make IT fun. No dry, humorless computer geeks here – we communicate as well with people as we do with computers. Our ability to connect with you is one of the things our clients rave about most.

The Profit Building Secret most businesses overlook

Computers are great for increasing your efficiency and productivity…and, therefore, your profitability. But only if they’re working properly.

That’s why the professionals at InformAbility always take a close look at the IT equipment when their clients want help boosting their bottom line.

How Much Do You Pay for Poor Performance and IT Crises?

Do the math yourself … how much does it cost you when:

  • Your network goes down for a day…and employees sit around twiddling their thumbs
  • A hard drive gets wiped out by a virus…and you have to pay through the nose to have a specialist recover your lost data
  • Your network starts operating 10, 20, or even 30% more slowly
  • Your web site is down and customers can’t place orders with you online
  • You have to pay for rush charges for emergency IT service (assuming you can find an IT consultant who is available)
  • You’re working with outdated (and less efficient) hardware or software
  • A hacker breaks into your network…messes up your computers…and even steals private customer and company data

Now calculate how much you’ll save – and make – if you could ensure that your network and computers are operating at maximum performance …and you could head off potentially devastating IT emergencies.

That’s where we come in.

Our mission is to help our clients make powerful connections between technology and action!