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Managed Services

Why should I choose managed services when I can just call you and get my problem fixed anyway?

If you call, we answer! But without managed services, it may take us longer to resolve the issue. By managing your network remotely included in our service package, we may have resolved the issue before it impacted your workflow.

Will this more expensive than what currently I pay for you to fix my computer/network?

Without the managed service, we operate on a break-fix model. Your computer/network could breakdown multiple times a year, incurring technician and travel fees. On our service plan, we can update your device regularly to ensure it is always running smoothly and less prone to breakdowns, saving you money from breakdown costs and hours away from your computer.

What if I don’t want all the features of managed services and just want one or two?

We understand that managed services won’t fit everyone’s need or budget. We will continue to service individual needs. However, if you are able, we highly recommend managed services for less interruptions.

Wireless Connectivity

What is an SSID?

SSID is an acronym and is used to refer to the name given to a wireless network. The acronym actually stands for Service Set Identification.

What is a “wireless network”?

Networks traditionally used cables to send data between computers, but with current technology it can be done without these cables or “wirelessly” via radio frequencies that carry the data between computers instead.

I want wireless connectivity at my home/office. Wireless routers are cheap and someone told me I could just plug it in and it would work. Why would I need a consultant to help me?

Wireless networks are actually more complex than wired LAN’s especially when it comes to security. Wireless network set up by amateurs are typically left vulnerable to passersby that can use compromise that wireless network connection without a moments notice. Properly configured and secured wireless networks are critical for businesses with data assets to protect and just as important for the casual home user. If you’re a casual home user that would not like a stranger sharing your internet connection to person why risk letting one do this electronically without your permission?

I have a laptop, do I have wireless capability?

While some laptops have built-in wireless adapters, wireless connectivity requires special components and should have a matching wireless access point and wireless card to ensure top performance.

My company is moving to a new building which isn’t wired for a network. Should we just make everything wireless?

We recommend keeping as much of a LAN cabled as possible. As wireless networks become more crowded with more and more users, performance and reliability go down. If your network is important to your business, continuing to use a cabled network wherever possible will help maintain better availability.


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